Catherine Devaney

Catherine Devaney


Cate Devaney was raised in Cape Girardeau, MO along the Mississippi River. At University she studied Architecture and began coursework in play writing while also modeling part-time to pay bills. After graduation, Cate moved to NYC where she modeled full-time and continued writing. She landed her first job in the Art Department on HBO's Bored to Death. Through drawing her own concepts, she created a storyboard portfolio that drew the attention of director Scott Derrickson who hired her as his storyboard artist on Sinister. This was the beginning of a long relationship with both Scott and Blumhouse Productions. Throughout her seven-year storyboard career, Cate has worked in television, commercials, and feature films collaborating with many notable writers and directors, including Tommy Schlamme, Alan Taylor, and Akiva Goldsman.

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