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Karipap Karipap Cinta (2011)

Karipap Karipap Cinta (2011) - Romance Movies 110 minutes. . Ali (Gambit Saifullah), a young and ambitious guy works for a company that publish political newspaper and mysterious magazine. His job is to take photograph of horror places and then modify it as it appear the ghost are visible. He falls for a cartoonist, Sarah (Melia Aimellia), who is an university graduate. In order to win Sarah’s heart he lies to her that he too was an university graduate from the same university as Sarah’s. One day he get to know Sarah’s father used to work with Dato Zidan, who is a political rival of Datuk Razali Bunari (Eman Manan), his own boss. Ali is required to expose Dato Zidan’s scandal by stealing his secret document. However, in order to win Sarah’s heart he decide to steal the secret document from his boss’s home and not to expose the scandal. Will he cover up the truth or expose everything out in the end for the sake of Sarah’s love? full movie online free, download full movie in hd quality, watch free streaming

Released: Aug 31, 2011

Runtime: 110 minutes


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